Taking punch lists to a whole new dimension

 In The Digest

It is our responsibility as architects to ensure the quality of the finished project is exactly how the owner intended it to turnout. In order to achieve this desired result, punch lists are clearly a necessity outlining work that has yet to be complete or is not satisfactory to our standards. However, when the project is a 250 unit apartment complex, the task at hand can be a little daunting.

Technology to the rescue! Sheskey Architects has embraced the power of technology and with the help of an ingenious app, we are able to more efficiently punch each unit than in the past. This particular tool, called plan grid, allows us to punch each space in record time without sacrificing the quality of our punch list.

With the use of a tablet, photos, notes and comments can be instantaneously documented. Before even leaving the site, the information can be sent directly to the contractor since all the information lives in the cloud.

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