Full-service senior living & care community

The William B Rice Eventide home, after 86 years at its present location, is returning to its original mission of providing a continuum of care to its residents, by providing independent living and long-term care in one facility. The long-term care facility is not designed as a traditional nursing home, but utilizes many of the concepts of “green” nursing care. Twelve rooms are clustered around a large living room and kitchen serving area for more personalized care and interaction among the residents.

The Senior Living Community includes:

  • Independent Living Apartments totaling 216 units
  • Long Term Care Facility totaling 46 beds
  • Commons Building with amenity spaces
  • Fitness
  • Lounge
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Dining room for residents
  • Offices for staff
  • 80 car parking garage
Most Recent Projects

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